Since its establishment in 1997, G&G Enterprise is a company specializing in seamless clothing based on solid technology.

We make comfortable clothes that consider the human body once more and produce 3D knit products using eco-friendly manufacturing methods and materials.

MISSION We make comfortable clothes for me and my family, and seamless knits with a high degree of completion that considers the human body once more.

We are expanding the definition of eco-friendly knitwear by reducing production waste generated by the apparel manufacturing industry. We are constantly striving to realize a future where humans, nature, and technology coexist through continuous technology development.

VISION Seamless knit Data production company

Since G&G's seamless products are produced by digital programming, specialized data accumulates over time. The data and experience accumulated for about 20 years from the beginning of the construction to the present can be said to be G&G's unique technology. As if there is no seamless specialty brand currently, we are trying to accelerate the growth as a global seamless clothing production company.

  • Quality

    G&G makes clothes for me and my family. The quality of the knit we think of is the clothes that can satisfy everyone's silhouette.

  • Vertical System

    We directly proceed from production to distribution and provide premium quality knits at reasonable prices, excluding margins at all stages.

  • Data-Oriented

    Through decades of data accumulation, it is reflected in the product, and customer-oriented knit-wear production is achieved.